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Pediatric Dentistry in Berkeley, CA

Pediatric Dentistry in Berkeley, CA

Pediatric dentistry focuses on the dental health of children from infancy through their teenage years. 

At Saddler Family Dentistry in Berkeley, California, we have the necessary expertise to care for your child's oral health needs throughout the various stages of their childhood and take a hands-on approach to preventing dental problems like tooth decay and cavities. Our main goal is to ensure your children benefit from excellent dental health and their teeth develop correctly.

Pediatric Dental Services at Saddler Family Dentistry

  • Dental Exams

Dental exams allow us to regularly and properly examine a child's oral cavity. If we identify any problems, Dr. Saddler will address the concerns promptly to prevent any complications.

  • Teeth Cleanings

Most children have trouble following proper oral hygiene practices. They may not be able to brush and floss properly. Consequently, there are areas in the mouth that become susceptible to tooth decay caused by plaque and tartar accumulation. If this plaque is not eliminated, it can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and ultimately lead to cavity formation. 

To prevent cavities, we will conduct teeth cleanings bi-annually to remove excess plaque and tartar. The cleanings also help eliminate bacteria colonies and decrease your child's risk of developing tooth decay in the future. 

  • Preventative Treatments

Most parents want to avoid invasive dental procedures for their children. Routine dental appointments and preventive treatments like fluoride applications will ensure potential problems are prevented, identified in their primary stages, and treated on time. 

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry 

  • Develop Good Oral Habits

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Saddler instructs both parents and children on following proper brushing and flossing practices. Teaching children healthy oral habits will ensure the appropriate development of their adult teeth and integrate dental care as a critical part of life. As a result, once they are grown, they will continue these good habits to maintain their oral health.

  • Prevents Dental Anxiety

At Saddler Family Dentistry, we have specialized training and skills to create a positive dental experience for children. We will communicate in a way that will help children understand, relax, and respond positively. Once children get used to regular dental exams and cleanings, they will become comfortable with their dental visits and their fear of dental procedures will be considerably reduced.

If you are looking for pediatric services for your child, visit Saddler Family Dentistry at 1504 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703. You can also reach Dentist in Berkeley, CA at (510) 653-6424.


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